Community Partners

Saint Mark’s Lutheran Church enjoys involving themself in the community to help others by volounteering and raising funds and donating.



The Compass Facebook Page Link

The compass is a readily-recognized and respected Christian community-based volunteer organization in the South Mississauga community. It is helping meet the immediate needs of individuals and families in all walks of life, assisting them in achieving a healthy and safe living environment and in developing people’s independent living skills.

The Open Door Twitter Page

The heart of the ministry of the Open Door is to love God and to serve and love people.
We minister to people of every walk of life, age, race, religion and culture.

The staff and volunteers work to improve the life situation of people who are going through difficult times. We seek to companion people through their hardest times. Many can recover balance when connected to the appropriate resources they are often unaware of.

For others, love, encouragement, prayer and practical help has sustained them and given them hope in place of despair as they battled with serious illness, lived in poverty, struggled to find employment and tried to provide for their children and themselves in difficult circumstances.

There are so many beautiful stories to be told every day through the people and ministries of the Open Door!

LYNC – Love Your Neighbour Committee Facebook Page Link

Welcome! to The LYNC, the Love Your Neighbour Committee. The LYNC was formed in August 2011. We are a joint committee comprised of residents of the Mineola East community and members of the Church of Saint Mark Lutheran.

Our mission is: To love our neighbour and community, we are committed to raise funds for important ministries in the community.


Ministry to Muslims Facebook Page Link

A ministry run to bring the word of our God to Muslims so they can know about the one true faith so the Holy Spirit can work in them.

The Olive Branch Facebook Page Link

The Olive Branch for Children helps remote communities in Tanzania assess their primary needs and establish programs that target the most vulnerable. We focus on HIV/AIDS prevention and care, early childhood education, food security and vulnerable children and women. The goal is to establish community-led programs that empower remote communities and generate models that can be replicated in communities throughout Tanzania and elsewhere.

The Schusters