Sunday School

At St. Mark’s we value the faith of our children!  We have an active Sunday School taught by dedicated volunteers from our congregation.  Sunday School runs during our 9:00 Worship Service, which allows parents to attend church while their children are being nurtured in a child-friendly way.  All of our volunteers are well-known members, have police record checks, and have training in basic child safety protocols.

On a typical Sunday, our program runs like this:
9:00 – 9:20 Large group opening worship with songs and prayers
9:20 – 10:15 Children split into age-grouped classes, led by a teacher.  They learn a bible story and how it is relevant to kids today.  Engaging written activities, games, and/or crafts are part of the lesson.

Three puppets behind a curtainOnce a month, our kids (and frankly, our whole congregation) enjoy a large group opening in the sanctuary at the beginning of the 9:00 service.  A bible story comes to life with a puppet show.  It’s fun and a good laugh, but still teaches everyone valuable truths about God and our relationship with him.


An angel and a shepherd talk about newborn baby JesusAnother favourite Sunday School activity is our annual Christmas Pageant.  A week before Christmas, the pastor is kicked out of the pulpit and our kids deliver a Christmas message with skits, songs, costumes, and props.  It touches everyone’s heart as only children can!


Kids decorating cookiesOnce a year, our Sunday School kids spend a morning making and decorating cookies, which they sell to the congregation. The money they raise is used to support a charity that they have learned about. They learn first-hand that using their own work to help others is very fulfilling.