Nuer Language Fellowship

For more than 10 years, the Nuer-speaking fellowship has called St. Mark’s their home. Many of the adults are confirmed members of this church, and many children have been baptized and confirmed here.

Photo Gallery

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Worship Service

The Nuer-speaking fellowship at St. Mark’s is composed of dedicated and faithful members who worship every Sunday afternoon. The worship service format is similar to the English 11:00 style service which uses the Lutheran hymnal, but here they use the Nuer Hymnal and Bible. Pastor Philip Gai leads the Nuer service, preaches the Word, invites everyone to confess their sins, after which he announces the absolution, and administers communion. The hymns are selected to coordinate with the weekly readings in the LCMS liturgical calendar, and everyone is familiar with the Nuer songs which are stored on a keyboard. While there is no music director, occasionally there is someone who helps the pastor in this regard.

Children’s Program

Pastor Gai and others are working with the youth to establish a Sunday school program for the children. As a youth mentor in the congregation, Pastor Gai spends a considerable amount of time praying for and listening to the young people. He has made an effort to visit them in their homes, universities, and workplaces and call them weekly to check in. He also makes sure to celebrate their special occasions such as birthdays, game times, and any victories they achieve.

Family Sundays

The congregation holds a special event called Family Sunday on the last Sunday of each month where everyone is encouraged to bring food to share. It’s a time for everyone to come together and enjoy each other’s company after the Sunday service and hear each other’s testimonies and encouragements. Members from the English-speaking congregation are of course always welcome to join them!

Attending a Lutheran Youth conference