Bible Studies

Bible studies are a wonderful way to not only increase your understanding and appreciation of the Bible, but also to form friendships with others as you learn and share together.  You are sure to find a study group at St. Mark’s that will fill your needs!  Options to consider are:

All studies are informal in nature. Below are short descriptions of the studies currently running:

Tuesday Evening 7:30pm – 9:00pm (Currently on Zoom)

This popular co-ed bible study is led by Pastor Jeff.  This study opens and closes in prayer, but most of the time is devoted to study.  The study may be directly from the bible, or it may focus on a video (or both), followed by an open discussion.  There is no homework requirement for this study.

Wednesday Morning 7:30am – 8:30am (meeting in the church library)

This is a men’s breakfast bible study which is led by lay members of St. Mark’s.  It uses the “LifeChange Series” of bible studies from The Navigators.  Breakfast is simple (bagels & coffee), but the study is fabulous! There is no homework requirement for this study.

Thursday Early Morning 7:00am – 8:00am (currently on Zoom)

Designed for those who want to attend a bible study in the morning and still have time to get to work.  It is a men’s study led by Pastor Jeff, with coffee provided.  (Lots of coffee…)  The group walks through the bible verse by verse.  You can’t get more in-depth than that!  Those who would like to join in, fear not:  you can jump in at any time – they’ll get back around to the beginning eventually!  There is no homework requirement for this study.

Thursday Morning 10am – 11:00am (meeting in the church library)

This study is for women.  It is lay-led, and members of the group take turns being the leader, following the study material chosen by the group. There are opening and closing prayers (and maybe singing, if a musical person is leading).  If you like the idea of this democratic leadership style, then this may be the group for you!  There is no homework requirement for this study.  If you’re new, they won’t make you be the leader unless you want to.

Thursday Evening 7:30pm – 8:30pm  (currently on Skype)

This study is lead by the Gabsch’s, members of St. Mark’s.  It’s for both men and women.  The group is studying the Bible book by book in order, using material prepared by Hart Gabsch based on his extensive research and preparation.  Join any time – once the end of the bible is reached (book of Revelation) it’s back to Genesis! There is no homework requirement for this study.

Friday Morning Prayer & Study 10am – 12pm (meeting in church library)

This is a lay-led women’s group. There is a definite support component to this group.  Personal prayer requests are shared, and then the group prays together for each person.  That’s the first hour.  The second hour is devoted to bible study. There is no homework requirement for this study.

Pastor Jeff snapped a quick selfie at a bible study