Picture of Derek Mathers

Rev. Derek Mathers

Associate Pastor, Mission Executive of the English District LCMS

Derek became an Associate Pastor at St. Mark’s in 2019, but his main gig is Assistant to the Bishop / Mission Executive for the English District of the LCMS, which means he is a pastor to many pastors! He describes himself as a passionate disciple of Jesus who wants to make disciples who can make disciples. When he’s not doing that, he roots for the Blue Jays, reads science fiction (Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett), and works at his cabin.

Derek has served as pastor at St. Luke’s (Toronto), and at congregations in Saskatchewan, Beamsville and Mitchell. Born in Edmonton, he grew up in Minnesota and Okinawa, Japan, but came back to Canada to go to Brock University, where he met and married Deb. They have two daughters and a grandson. He loves to do lunch and, if it’s at Duff’s, you’ll make his day.